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EMDREMDR is an innovative and powerful therapeutic technique to change negative beliefs about the self and reduce or eliminate the negative emotions associated with that belief.  It is particularly effective in the treatment of trauma, phobias, and anxiety.  It can also be used to enhance athletic or artistic performance, breaking through creative blocks.
EMDR is a form of cognitive therapy which involves concentrating on a negative belief and emotions while following a series of eye movements.  The process incorporates the physical and emotional experience with the intellectual knowledge of the patient, producing a more dramatic change than insight alone.  The process is guided by the patient, which results in an empowering experience of resolution and relief.
Often highly verbal, complex patients who have been unsuccessful making changes in traditional talk therapy are able to become unblocked using EMDR.   It is not used for patients who are currently experiencing a great deal of instability in their lives.

Read more about EMDR at www.emdr.com.

EMDR Consultation

If you are currently working with a therapist with whom you have a good rapport but are unable to move forward,  EMDR consultation may be the solution.   You and your therapist would define the area in which you feel blocked and identify specific goals you wish to accomplish with EMDR.

During the first appointment, we will explore negative beliefs and interfering beliefs that have contributed to the inability to move forward.  The EMDR process will be introduced and a minor issue may be processed first to better understand the process.  Occasionally, EMDR is not effective due to external conflicts or resistance.  However, EMDR may be very effective at a later date.  Readiness for change is necessary for any form of therapy.

EMDR Consultation is time limited and utilized in conjunction with your regular therapy appointments.  Once the EMDR treatment goals are met, the consultation is concluded and you would continue working with your individual therapist.